Hot Drinks and Food
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    Jasper Organic & Fairtrade Coffee
    We only use the very best, which is why we use Jasper Coffee. It's organic and fair trade, which means it's good for the people who produce it, the people who drink it and the environment... what more could you want? Oh, yes, it also tastes great! We sell the beans, ground or whole, for you to enjoy your own cup of Jasper Coffee at home as well.
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    Carob, Dandelion, Chocolate & Chai
    We have a great range of caffeine-free or low caffeine choices from herbal tea & hot chocolate (vegan or dairy) to a Carob Kiss or Kick (with a touch of heat to set your world on fire!). Try a dandelion or chai latte, including Blossom's Feel Good Chai which takes the turmeric latte to a whole new level... Choose from BD/Organic milk, Bonsoy, Coconut, Almond, Rice or Oat Mylks
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    Raw & traditional cakes
    Our raw cakes will amaze you - you won't believe that they haven't been baked in any way. We proudly stock Stone Age Fusion Fudges and Amaze-balls. Once you try them, you'll be hooked! Our baked cakes are pretty amazing too - they're full of good quality, organic and simple ingredients and taste the way Grandma made them.
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    Soups, Vegie Pies & Pizzas
    Nothing is more warming than a soup or pie. Using organic ingredients, our range of soups from Stone Age Fusion include: *Pumpkin and coconut *Persian Red Lentil *Celeriac & Kohlrabi We sell vegetarian, vegan and raw pies, pizzas, Stone Age Fusion bot bots and fusions.
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